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Ghost Stories

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Since I read and wrote about Chris Coake’s haunted You Came Back, it’s put me in the mood for a good ghost story. And it made me think of a few of my favorites. Kelly Link’s “Stone Animals” plays with the form/genre, i.e., it plays with the idea of what a “ghost” can be, much like Coake’s book. And I like that as much or more than outright transparent specters.

“Stone Animals” – Kelly Link – Check out this beautiful illustrated edition (with letterpressed cover) of Link’s story from Madras Press

“The Circular Valley” – Paul Bowles – In his collection A Distant Episode.

“Sea Oak” – George Saunders – In his collection Pastoralia.

These are only a few so I’ll probably add more as I remember them.